Oceania Dairy Market Overview

     Oceania Dairy Market Overview

     Report 37 - Released on September 12, 2019



                            July 2019                July 2019

                            Million Percent Change     Percentage
     State                  Liters  From 1 Year Ago  Milkfat Protein

     New South Wales         86.1   -10.6            3.99    3.36
     Victoria               399.9    -7.1            4.01    3.43
     Queensland              28.7   -13.3            4.06    3.31
     South Australia         32.1   -13.0            3.77    3.31
     Western Australia       29.5    -2.9            3.78    3.26
     Tasmania                23.6   -14.0            4.48    3.50
     Australia (Total)      600.0    -8.4            4.01*   3.40**

     *  +0.7 percent from prior year period
     ** +0.3� percent from prior year period

     Data from Dairy Australia


     New Zealand dairy manufacturing output is still very seasonally low. This leads most
     observers to not expect much to change in expectations for the season until final September
     or October production data becomes available. New Zealand seasonal milk production typically
     peaks in early October. It is spring in New Zealand. Even so, it has been cool, with snow in
     some remote areas. That is not likely to impact the overall seasonal results because
     pastures are in good shape.

     The New Zealand Parliament has passed a bill to restructure the dairy industry. Further
     consideration must occur before the bill becomes a law. The bill primarily deals with a
     large dairy cooperative in New Zealand. One provision would allow the cooperative to refuse
     milk from producers who do not meet environmental standards, animal welfare requirements, or
     employment conditions. Another provision would relax the obligation to provide milk to

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