Whole Milk Powder - Europe

     Whole Milk Powder - Europe

     Report 37 - Released on September 12, 2019

     Whole milk powder prices are higher, but varied, within Western Europe between countries and
     manufacturers. Increased cream prices in Western Europe have helped boost WMP prices. This
     price strength is particularly driven by demand from internal EU customers. German prices
     are highest, followed by Netherlands. Prices are expected to be mostly steady in coming

     Export activity is secondary to meeting internal EU demand. This is historically the
     pattern. Another factor this year is sending milk into more profitable products with
     expanding internal and export markets.
     Prices for: Europe, All First Sales, Free on Board - Port, Conventional, and Edible Whole
     Milk Powder
     Price Range - 26% Butterfat; $/MT:                     3,100 - 3,350

     Information for the period September 2 - 13, 2019, issued biweekly

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