Oklahoma Hay Report
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK Thu Sep 12, 2019 Oklahoma Dept. of Ag Market News

Alfalfa and hay movement slow and prices remain steady for all classes.
Hay trade has been sluggish as producers hoping a higher feed price would 
encourage more hay feeding, however feed prices have held relatively low,
thus hurting the demand for hay.  Another item that has limited the 
hay trade has been those who will bale whatever Mother Nature has in
the field.  Producers have been busy working ground and or planting both
wheat and hay ahead of a forecasted rain and cold front headed thru the 
state today.  Haying should pick up if this rain does fall.

Market News continues to maintain an online hay directory for both in-
state and out-of-state hay producers.  The directories are on the ODAFF 
homepage at www.oda.state.ok.us. Producers wishing to list hay are 
encouraged to call at 1-405-232-5425 or email 

Central Oklahoma:  Supreme quality: Small squares FOB picked up in the
barn 14.00-15.00 per bale.  Premium quality: 242.00-244.00 per ton
Delivered to Texas.  Good quality: 180.00-190.00 ton Delivered in

Eastern Oklahoma: No trades reported.

Western Oklahoma: Good quality: 200.00 per ton Delivered to Texas.
Grinder: 100.00 FOB.

Grass Hay 
Central Oklahoma: Good quality 55.00-65.00 per bale; 9.00 per small 
square bale in barn, 6.00 out of the field FOB.

Western Oklahoma:  No sales confirmed.  

Eastern Oklahoma:  Good to Fair quality 50.00-60.00 per bale Delivered
Louisiana and Texas.

Prices are dollars per ton and FOB unless otherwise noted.

Alfalfa Quality Guidelines
Quality       ADF     NDF   *RFV/RFQ   **TDN-100%     **TDN-90%     CP
Supreme       <27     <34     >185       >62           >55.9       >22
Premium       27-29   34-36   170-185    60.5-62       54.5-55.9   20-22
Good          29-32   36-40   150-170    58-60         52.5-54.5   18-20
Fair          32-35   40-44   130-150    56-58         50.5-52.5   16-18
Utility       >35     >44     <130       <56           <50.5       <16

*RFV calculated using the Wis/Minn formula. **TDN calculated using the
Western formula.  Quantitative factors are approximate, and many factors 
can affect feeding value. Values based on 100% dry matter (TDN showing 
both 100% &90%).
Source: Oklahoma Dept of AG-USDA Market News, Oklahoma City, OK
Telephone (405)232-5425   Market Recording 405-621-5533 
Internet: http://www.ams.usda.gov/mnreport/ok_gr310.txt